Billabong Folding Barbeque

The Billabong range of barbeques are designed for use where campers desire an easily erected unit with basic cooking features. There are two main models - the standard and the large both with gas mounting facility.

The large billabong has a 38 cm x 38cm (15" x 15") hotplate and same size grill area. The standard Billabong has a 33 cm x 33 cm (13" x 13") hotplate and grill area. Both have a gas conversion option.
This single grill plus flipover hotplate unit is designed to suit the demands for a lighter weight, smaller storage / volume, but still giving the dual cooking surfaces of the Billabong model.
Unit folds in half for compact storage.
Models shown (L-R): Single Grill / Hotplate, Flip-over hotplate, Billabong standard
The small frame comes with either hot plate or grill surface (can have an optional lift off hotplate with the grill model).

Conversion to gas is available on all models using an optional Companion© 9205 BBQ conversion kit. (Gas cylinder not included.)
Photo left shows single with conversion, on right standard billabong with dual gas conversions fitted.

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