The Bush-B-Q is designed with the adventurous bush chef in mind, boasting various features allowing a wide range of cuisines to be prepared in outdoor locations.
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Basic Bush-B-Q

The Bush-B-Q is a pole mounted barbeque, which in normal use cooks over your open fire. Hotplate, Billy Arm and Grill are the standard fittings which mount on the pole in a wide variety of configurations allowing scrumptious bush cooking. A range of optional components are available at extra cost to expand the functionality of the Bush-B-Q.
Frying, grilling, toasting, can heating (not beer!), kebabs and billy boiling are functionalities that come within the range of the basic unit. Click here to see examples of the wide range of functionality that can be achieved using optional components.

Compact Unit

The Bush-B-Q is designed to interlock together for compact, controlled storage. Supplied with a heavy duty bag to keep it rattle and soiling free. It's a breeze to store.
Hotplate dimensions: 38cm x 38cm (15" x 15")
Basic Bush-B-Q weight: 8.5 kg

Internal / solid surface mounting

When the situation demands it, the barbeque can be erected to free stand using the grill as a base. For example, on a rainy day, erect on a tabletop in a rotunda (utilising gas or fire box options). Can also be used as a fondue.

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