Bush-B-Q Options

* Wok Holding Ring
* Rotisserie
* Camp Oven / Smoker / Steamer
* Gas Conversion
* Slide on Fire Box
* Pole Extension or Long Pole

Wok Holding Ring
Keeps your wok under control while cooking liquid meals, stir fry, reheating, fondue. Return to top

Your very own spit. Family sized 5kg load. Add variety to the menu on that extended trip. Works just the same at home in that spare corner of the garden or attached to your own barbeque. (Powered by two x 'D' sized batteries (not supplied). One set of quality batteries normally lasts more than 30 hours cooking time.) Return to top

Camp Oven / Fish Smoker / Steamer
Oven cooking, roasts, bakes bread / rolls, scones, pies, reheating. Smoker gives you that smoked flavour. Steamer natural flavour, stays moist. Return to top

Gas Conversion
When you can't have the fire you prefer, or when local fire regulations prohibit solid fueled fires, this conversion keeps you in the hot food business. Return to top

Slide on Fire Box
Another alternate heat source. Off ground mounting - no damage to grassed sites. Up to 4 hours of smoke free cooking using barbeque fuel (such as Heat Beads or Quick Glow). Box doubles as storage box for basic barbeque, Camp oven and Wok Ring. Return to top

Pole extension and Long Pole
When ground is soft (damp river banks / sandy beaches / desert) these two options allow deeper penetration for greater stability without loss of working height. Return to top