Unfortunately Tapestry frames are unavailable at the moment

The 'Deluxe' floor standing mobile frame is a self contained unit with no need to unpack or pack up at the end of a session. The lamp, needles, threads, scissors etc all remain part of the frame. The castors give ease of entry and exit from the lightweight frame (4.5 kgs), and allow the frame to be moved back and forth instead of moving your chair.
For storage, simply push the unit from room to room as required.

Design Features:

Wrap around frame:
Allows for very close up working without the problem of feet getting tangled and cramped.
Adjustable tension pivot brakes:
Fitted to the pivot points of the wooden frame, these unique adjustable brakes keep the rotation of the frame under control at all times.
Power tension levers:
Another unique feature is the power tension levers fitted to the top cross rod, giving the facility for drum tight tensioning of the cloth with ease of control. No need for your hands to touch the cloth!
Collapsable frame:
By removing the pivot point outer nuts the cloth mounting frame can be removed and the metal frame collapsed for storage or transportation.

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Extended frame:
The standard width of all frames can be extended to any width by the insertion of longer rods and telescopic tubes (no tools required). Rod sets available, on
application, for all frames.
Centre support bars / side stretch bars:
For those who undertake the larger products needing longer rods. Centre support bars maintain the tension at the centre of the cloth the same as at the edges. Side stretch bars keep the cloth in tension laterally.

Hook bars / Tool tray
These options make checking on your stock, needles, scissors and tools a breeze.
Chart holder:
Allows you to keep abreast of your position on the chart without having to keep picking up your chart to check your progress. You never have to let your fingers leave the cloth. Adjustable to suit your focal length.

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