"Works Anywhere You Are Allowed To Light A Match"

Bush-B-Q is a Melbourne manufacturer of a unique range of camping barbeques catering for the simple ("I'm on holidays!") cook, up to the discerning bush chef looking for variety of menu, without excessive weight and bulky storage. Especially suited to 4 x 4 tourists and bush campers.

You will find them to be the simplest, strongest, most versatile and compact cooking utensils of their type currently available. They are quality, hand-made products: fully engineered, all steel construction, that, with reasonable care should last a lifetime of camping.

To explore the details on these barbeques, click on the name of the range (below) that matches your needs.


The Bush-B-Q pole mounted barbeque allows for all basic cooking requirements such as grilling, frying and billy boiling, toasting, kabobs, support for camp oven. The versatility of this barbeque can be expanded by our wide range of expansion options.

Billabong Folding Barbeque

The Billabong range are convenient, easily erected collapsable, folding barbeques providing all basic camp cooking requirements. This range has an option of a convenient gas conversion kit which is ideal for situations where solid fuel fires are not permitted.

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